VZ-X Wireless, HDMI & USB Document Camera

VZ-X Wireless, HDMI & USB Document Camera
Part Number: 5-902-4-01-00

IPEVO VZ-X Visualize the Big Picture, Wirelessly.

Wireless, HDMI and USB connectivity.
VZ-X features three connection modes-Wi-Fi, HDMI, and USB. You can use it with a computer, iOS/Android devices, or directly with an Apple TV, TV, projector, or monitor in the setup that best suits your needs.


Wireless connect from anywhere in the classroom

By connecting via WiFi to the computer, teachers can move freely around the classroom and capture images from different desks. VZ-X can also integrate with wireless tablet devices such as the iPad, enabling you to display the captured images using IPEVO's Visualizer software.
You can access the web management interface by connecting to VZ-X's default IP address using a PC browser. From there, you can modify wireless network settings, allowing VZ-X to join your local network. This enables both PCs and tablet devices on the same network to use IPEVO's Visualizer software to display images from the VZ-X camera.
Stay Connected to Your Network While Using VZ-X in Wi-Fi Mode
å With a battery life of 9~12 hours, VZ-X will last through your entire teaching or presentation session

Learn how to connect VZ-X wirelessly to your device

Direct HDMI projection to a TV or projector.
No computer required.

Stream real-time images directly to your TV, projector, or monitor using an HDMI connection.

Note: HDMI connection doesn't supply VZ-X with power. Please make sure that there's sufficient battery power for your session. Otherwise please plug it into a wall outlet using any of your phone or tablet 5V/2A USB power adapter, or, connect it to a powered USB port of your TV, projector, or computer.

Wirelessly Cast to
HDMI Monitor or TV Without a PC

EZCast, the favored wireless screen-casting adapter*, integrated with VZ-X, allows teachers to project images onto HDMI screens with a simple click (5-10 seconds) and wirelessly share content on TVs and monitors. You don't need a computer setup. Move freely around the classroom.

EZCast is available from the IPEVO store or through our sales team. Update VZ-X to Firmware version 2033 or newer. Perform a Reset after the update.


Wide software compatibility


High-quality image and enhanced performance under low-light conditions

8 MP sensor by Sony with Ambarella system-on-a-chip (SoC) provide great details and image quality with better image processing. Enjoy faster focus speed, improved noise reduction, and excellent colour reproduction.


Highly adjustable and durable body

The VZ-X's swivelling head and multi-jointed body let you capture images from different heights, angles, and orientations. You can also switch between vertical and horizontal orientation - all in real time.

The camera's body is made to last, thanks to the use of glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic, that reinforces the arm with the strength of metal while keeping the weight low at the same time.

In the back of VZ-X you can now find a USB-C port that makes connecting cables easier and safer.

LED light and microphone

VZ-X's camera head features a built-in LED light for use in dimly lit environments and a microphone.
*The built-in microphone is only functional in USB mode.


Camera control buttons


The Action Button located at the VZ-X’s base provides quick access to Visualizer software's functions such as snapshot, video recording, scan document, and more.

*The Action Button is only functional in USB or Wi-Fi mode while using with IPEVO Visualizer software.