IPEVO EyeStage™

IPEVO EyeStage™New

For TOTEM Series / Document Cameras / Webcams

Intelligence and Performance
United in a Video Application.

EyeStage™ is IPEVO's AI-powered software that revolutionizes online conferencing via its smart video effects and camera management.

EyeStage™'s AI Frames cover various video conferencing scenarios and make your life easier by framing the video just the way you need. In EyeStage™, you can manage up to two camera sources and combine them into one video output, which can be used in a conferencing app. There are four ways you can do this—Picture in Picture, split screen, automatic camera switch or you can have your cameras track the face of a selected person. One of the AI Frames can then be applied to each of the camera inputs.

*EyeStage™ requires an IPEVO camera connected to your PC to run.

IPEVO Annotator versions for macOS
IPEVO Annotator versions for windows

IPEVO EyeStage™ versions for macOS and Windows.

New & Recommended Features

Check out some of the new/recommended features of the software.

Supported Video Sources

EyeStage™ requires an IPEVO Camera connected to the PC (USB or Wi-Fi). Other video sources that can be selected in EyeStage™: Built-in cameras, USB webcams (from other manufacturers), Virtual cameras and Screen sharing.

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Image Settings

In image settings you can find zoom, focus control, image rotation, mirroring, keystone correction, and LED light switch*. You can also apply virtual backgrounds to your video, or adjust image properties, such as brightness, saturation, sharpness, or exposure. (*For IPEVO cameras equipped with an LED light.)

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AI Recognition and Digital Zoom for Immersive Conferencing

Choose one of the three AI video frames and use them to create an immersive video experience for any video conferencing scenario. (*Each applied AI Frame increases the system performance requirement, which might result in a lagging image. It is recommended to use AI Frame only for a single video source.)

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Display Modes

There are five display modes to choose from. These display modes can combine two video sources in one, which can then be used in an online conferencing app.

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