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IPEVO Uplift Multi-Angle Arm for Smartphones

Hold up your phone 
without holding up your phone.


Do what you love,
share what you do.

Now in two colour options.

Introducing DO-CAM Creator's Edition, a new colour version of IPEVO’s ultraportable visualiser. Choose the colour that suits your style and be free to stream your work anytime and anyplace.

IPEVO Mirror-Cam

Free the Visualiser
in your laptop

Simple and Powerful Tool. Only £33.32 (ex VAT) for a 6 pack.


Unleash the Visualiser
in your Phone

Turn your smartphone into a visualiser and project the image onto a screen of your choice.
See what I see, hear what I mean.

Introducing the new V4K PRO Ultra HD USB Visualiser — the world’s first visualiser with AI-enhanced microphone and many more upgraded features.


->Built-in LED light

->AI-enhanced microphone

->Ultra HD with 8MP image sensor from Sony and 30 fps at 3264 x 2448


Available on 30 Sept, 2021. Pre-order starts now!

Buy an IPEVO Uplift Multi-Angle Arm for Smartphones and receive a 6-month free access to the IPEVO iDocCam app.

*Please contact sales-uk@ipevo.com if you do not receive the iDocCam Access Code after purchasing the Uplift.

IPEVO Visualiser 30-day Trial Programme for Schools

How it works:
Try out a *V4K or VZ-R visualiser for 30 days, and either buy it at a discounted price or return it to us free of charge at the end of the trial. Contact our sales team for more details.

Applicants must be working in an educational institution registered under the local government within the UK or EU.

*Other models available. Contact us for the full list.

IPEVO Wishpool

Connecting the Disconnected World!

IPEVO Wishpool takes visual communication technology into the hands of educators, students, parents, low vision individuals, artists, and other professionals or individuals who can make a difference in favour of a connected world.

Join the IPEVO Wishpool Community and you’ll be eligible to receive IPEVO products for free. All you have to do is tell us your story and get the conversation started.

IPEVO’s Best Selling Visualiser Just Got an Upgrade!

IPEVO V4K PRO - Pre-order now.

IPEVO Uplift & iDocCam bundle

Turn your smartphone into a visualiser

Buy IPEVO Uplift and get IPEVO iDocCam

iDocCam app 6 months of free access

IPEVO Wishpool

Connecting the Disconnected World!