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IPEVO Visualizer LTSE

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Accessibility software for Visualisers

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The Accessibility Software for Your Visualiser.

IPEVO Visualizer LTSE is the first accessibility software designed for our visualisers. With assistive features such as voice-over, keyboard accessibility, video filters, magnifier, and reading aids built-in, low vision users can freely and easily navigate through it to adjust the live images coming from a USB or wirelessly connected IPEVO visualiser using the keyboard alone.

IPEVO Visualizer LTSE for windows

IPEVO Visualizer LTSE for windows.

New & Recommended Features

Check out some of the new/recommended features of the software.

Keyboard Accessibility

Keyboard Accessibility

Visualizer LTSE features keyboard accessibility that allows users to navigate through the software controls to adjust the live images coming from a connected IPEVO visualiser using the keyboard alone.

Reading Aids

With this, you have tools such as line marker, highlight strip, and masking bar to aid you in reading books, magazines, documents and more.

Voice-Over Support

Voice-Over Support

Visualizer LTSE has voice-over support, meaning it will work with the Narrator function of Windows PC and will read out any icon or option you select.