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View Live Instructions on a Big Screen.

iDocCam is an app that allows users to use their smartphones’ cameras as a visualiser for capturing live instructions or physical materials and then projecting them onto a big screen for viewing.

There are two main ways to use iDocCam. First, you can use it as a standalone app to view and adjust the live images captured by your smartphone's camera in the app itself. Or, you can use it together with *IPEVO Visualizer software (installed on a computer or tablet) to turn your smartphone into a wireless visualiser.

When used with Visualizer software, you can select your smartphone as the camera source in it. You can then wirelessly view, control, or adjust the live images captured by your smartphone's camera, such as educational instructions, worksheets, training guides, presentation notes, and so on using Visualizer software.

Additionally, if you're using an iPhone, you can even connect your iPhone to an external display via AirPlay (wirelessly) or HDMI/VGA (using a Lightning to HDMI/VGA adaptor) and use that external display as an extended screen for large-screen projections of the live images of your iPhone’s camera.

*To use iDocCam with Visualizer, both your smartphone (with iDocCam installed) and computer/tablet/Apple TV (with Visualizer installed) must be connected to the same wireless network. However, if you're using an iPhone (with iDocCam installed) with an iOS/macOS device (with Visualizer installed), you can connect them via Bluetooth instead.

IPEVO iDocCam versions for iOS
IPEVO iDocCam versions for Android

IPEVO iDocCam versions for iOS and Android.

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